Genesis Actively Looking for Site Locations in California

That’s right!   With more pyrolysis machines on the way Genesis Industries is actively looking for new host facilities.  If you think your location maybe a match for one of our machines please check out our general site specs below then contact our CVO Brice Liesveld to get further info. (contact info below)

Site Requirements:

  • Easy access via semi-truck.
  • Minimum 3 open Acres (prefer 4 or more)
  • Have concrete pad to support machine. (or will allow us to lay one)
  • Access to phase 3 power.

Ideally the site will also have:

  • Nearby source of biomass
  • Need for excess heat energy (boiler / heating systems)
  • Owner familiar with pyrolysis and interested in technology.


  • Twitter: BriceLiesveld
  • E-mail: