The future of biochar – Project Rainbow Bee Eater

It was inevitable, given the potential impact on the economy and the lingering questions about the scientific basis of the cause and scale of the projected changes in climate and its impacts, that the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) would become a politically partisan issue in politics (causing strange alliances) and in the broader community. Given that climate change, if it occurs (and many serious skeptics concede there is a risk it will) will have extreme consequences and given the massive political momentum of the issue, it is inevitable that Australia will have an emissions trading scheme. When the issue is stripped of emotion the justification for action is risk avoidance.

The most desirable strategies, when the mode is risk avoidance but with rapid and large scale action, are those that are low cost and contribute other assets to the community. This approach means that even if climate change does not happen we have lost little and achieved objectives which may not otherwise have been possible. We believe Project Rainbow Bee Eater is one of these desirable strategies.