Investor Relations

Genesis Industries, LLC (“Genesis”) is the manufacturer and distributor of Genesis machines and its own unique variety of Biochar and wood vinegar. The Genesis machine convert biomass waste such as pistachio shells, walnut shells, pecan shell, trees clippings and poultry litter into biochar, wood vinegar, bio oil condensate and energy rich syngas.  The biochar produced is enhanced by the introduction of beneficial microbes and nutrients and or beneficial organic inoculates creating a potent soil amendment that sequesters carbon while increasing crop yields and nutrient content.

We are currently in discussions with several global corporations for the purchase of either machine distribution rights and/or carbon credits generated by Genesis machines.  Genesis is also partnering with Native American Indian tribes, Universities and government entities to establish public-private partnerships for the purpose of seeking and securing government contracts and grants.

Genesis Industries, LLC provides branding, marketing, distribution and sales of biochar produced from its machines on a revenue sharing basis.

3 US installations of the Genesis machines have been completed in mid-2011 in conjunction with private investment and our $2 million demonstration project in Wharton, Texas at the Pierce Ranch. This innovative pilot project was made possible in large part through a $1 million USDA-funded Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) awarded to Genesis Industries in 2010.

For more information please contact Genesis management.

Images courtesy of:Worradmu